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I am in the process of organizing my blogs.  Below is a recipe I posted in 2010.  I have cleaned it up a bit and added new information.  Hope you find it useful.

The more whole grains used in your diet helps to improve blood glucose control and weight. Whole Grains are now recommended for any healthy diet. 

Below is the recipe and tutorial for my "Whole Grain Baking Mix".

Nana's Whole Grain Baking Mix"
Makes 10 cups

NOTE: there is a difference between pastry and whole wheat flour.  Whole Wheat Pastry is much lighter and gives you a lighter product with recipes not using yeast).

 NEW TIP: Since this post I have used home milled "Whole Wheat White flour" and it has worked out just fine.

1 cup quick oats ground in food processor
3 cups whole wheat white flour or whole wheat pastry flour
4 cups all-purpose flour
1 1/3 cups non-fat dry milk powder
1 Tablespoon salt
3 Tablespoons Splenda 
1/4 cup of baking powder
1 cup shortening,  margarine (60% to 70% oil) or canola oil (see note).

Note 1:  Most homemade low fat baking mixes calls for 2/3 Cup of oil or shortening for one batch.  The end product was a little too dry for my taste.  Adding just another 1/3 cup greatly improved the end product.  The small increase of fat and calories (to me) where worth the end product.

[point of interest]
A regular batch of baking mix calls for 2 cups shortening or oil.

IF you prefer to make a much lower fat version, only add 2/3 cup of oil or shortening to the above recipe.

Also the reason I use shortening is that the product will rise higher than the oil, but the taste is not much different. Also you do not have to refrigerate the Plain Low Fat Baking Mix with shortening.  
The reason the Whole Grain is refrigerated is to allow the vitamin E to last as long as possible.  
Refrigeration also keeps the oil from going rancid.

NOTE 2: You can use any combination of different grains as long as it adds up to 8 cups of flour.  Sometimes all I have is the whole wheat flour and oatmeal.  Another time it may be 2 cups white flour-1 cup oat flour-2 cups whole wheat flour for example.


Flour Grinder if grinding your own flour
Food Processor or Blender
Large bowl
Pastry blender
Measuring cups
Measuring spoons
Large Spoon
Air Tight Container for finished Baking Mix

1.  Using a food processor or blender add your oats and blend.

2.  The oats should look similar to the above picture.
3.  Now combine all the dry ingredients in your large bowl.
4.  Gently stir this all together.

5. Add your shorting or oil to your dry ingredients and blend with a pastry blender.

6.  The Low Fat Baking Mix should resemble the above picture.
7.  Place "Nana's Low Fat Baking Mix" in an air tight container and place in refrigerator.  

You can use this like any low fat baking mix or Bisquick.

Makes 10 Cups
8 cups unbleached white flour
1/4 cup baking powder
3 Tablespoons Splenda or sugar
1 Tablespoons salt
1 1/3 cup non-fat dry milk powder
1 cup shortening or canola oil
Use steps 3,4, and 5, 7

After you have made your Low Fat Whole Grain Baking Mix, make up a cute name for your mix and enjoy using this mix.

Using my diabetic 2nd Edition "Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy" nutritional charts or the products nutritional labels, I came up with the following calculations for the above Low Fat Whole Grain Baking Mix using Splenda. Add additional calories if you use sugar.

1/4 cup of mix=148 calories, 17 gr. carb; 5 gr. fat; 3 gr fiber
Diabetic:1/4 cup=1 st;1fat

REMEMBER: if you are diabetic you can subtract the fiber from the carbohydrates for your starch count. 


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